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Why a Roth Conversion may not be Right for You!

Tweet The Roth conversion topic has certainly dominated headlines, articles, and blog posts in 2010, but part of the story may be missing. A Roth conversion may not be the wisest financial move for some. Most of the reports regarding this conversion have touted the benefits, and little has been written about the negative affects to a Roth conversion. Roth Conversion and … Continue reading

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Financial Tips for any Economic Environment

Tweet It’s been more than 18 months since we first heard the utterance of the “R” word, recession. The funny thing about economic data is bad news travels much more quickly than good news. While we all heard about the economy’s struggles, many have no idea that we are technically out of a recession. While the technical data points to some positive … Continue reading

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Casualty Losses for Flood Victims

Tweet There has been much discussion regarding the tax benefits available to flood victims here in middle Tennessee. The discussions have also created a good bit of confusion. While the information provided has delivered general guidance, this guidance can lead to costly confusion. The tax benefits available are through a provision titled Casually and Theft Losses. A casualty loss is generally taken … Continue reading

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