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Does Your Retirement Plan Answer These Three Questions?

Tweet It seems that with the market downturn in 2008-2009, there has been concern over folks ability to retire. One of the probing questions I receive from new clients is “When can I retire?” Sounds like a simple question, and for the most part (at least on my end) it is. The difficulty usually stems from a lack of preparation by the … Continue reading

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Why I’m A Fee-Only Financial Planner

Tweet If you read my last blog post, you recall I discussed the different types of planners and how they are paid. Today, I will tell you why I am a firm believer in fee-only financial planning. Fee-only financial planning is a wonderful way for clients to receive advice in a fiduciary manner. As a fiduciary, the planner puts the clients’ interest … Continue reading

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What is a Fee-Only Financial Advisor?

Tweet While the push for consumer education regarding financial planning has grown over the last ten years or so, many folks still are confused about how financial planners are paid. Essentially, there are three types of planners: commissioned, fee-only, and fee-based. Commissioned Advisors receive their pay from products they sell. This type of business model can create a conflict of interest. The … Continue reading

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