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Ten Ways to Save Money without Pinching your Lifestyle!

Tweet As a fee-only advisor I often speak with clients in regards to their cash flow. We sometimes drill down to fine detail. When this occurs I always seem to find ways to cut corners without negatively impacting the client’s lifestyle.  Here are a few of the examples I have learned over the last several years. Eliminate Bank Fees– Banks are battling … Continue reading

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Your Financial Puzzle!

Tweet What is financial planning? Ask that question to the average Joe or Jane and the answer is usually centered on investments. Even some financial planners may operate with an investment centric model, but I don’t. Here’s why! The Puzzle I often equate financial planning to a giant puzzle. Each puzzle piece has an impact on the big picture.  With only one … Continue reading

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Your Two Percent Raise…..Part II

Tweet If you read my blog post last week, you noticed I mentioned the 2% social security tax reduction for tax year 2011.  While this is certainly a nice pay raise, we need to make certain we don’t forget about the expiration of the Making Work Pay Credit. The Making Work Pay Credit benefited most earners with a $400 credit ($800 for … Continue reading

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Your Two Percent Raise!

Tweet Did you realize you received a two percent raise in January? How can this be? You say your boss would never give you a raise. Well this take home pay increase didn’t come from your boss… came from the federal government. In Late December of 2010, President Obama signed into law a two percent reduction in the OASDI payroll tax. Old … Continue reading

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