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Gold as an Investment

Tweet It seems I see more and more commercials pedaling gold as an inflationary hedge.  Some aging actor comes on the TV and tells us that gold is the only investment for him, and it’s safe. Safe must be a relative term because gold is down almost 30% from its high in 2012! While some people swear by their gold investments, we … Continue reading

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Do You Eat the Icing First?

Tweet How do you eat a piece of cake?  Do you eat the cake part first and leave the icing to be relished at the end? Or, do you take a more balanced approach, and grab a bit of each in every bite?  Maybe you go straight for the prize and delve into the frosting without remorse. Well, interestingly enough, our habits … Continue reading

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Are you Thinking Like a Dog?

Tweet I once heard a comedian state that dogs think everything lasts forever.  While keeping our friends Golden Retriever a few weeks ago, I found myself believing this sentiment. While our 1 year old Golden ran around the yard trying his best to catch a squirrel, our friend’s dog sat with her head in my lap allowing me to spoil her.  Every … Continue reading

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