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The Fiduciary Standard and You

Tweet As a fee-only financial advisor, I am a firm believer in the fiduciary standard.  It’s something that is tighten woven into my fiber and is a cornerstone of my fee-only financial planning practice.  It’s the only way I will practice financial planning. I suppose some of you may not be aware of the fiduciary standard and what it means.  Well, this … Continue reading

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Tax Season: Tips to Save

Tweet As spring approaches we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of tax season gathering tax documents. Many people face this time with stress and trepidation due to the fear of the unknown. They have no idea whether they will have to pay in or get a refund. Tax year 2014 is officially over, but there are still a few things … Continue reading

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Are you Searching?

Tweet This weekend our oldest daughter will attend a spiritual retreat called “Search.” This retreat is meant for high school juniors and seniors to reflect on their faith and life. It’s a wonderful opportunity for these young adults to take the time to “reflect” on the important things in life. With the New Year off and running, it’s a great time for … Continue reading

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Being Thankful 2014

Tweet As many of you know, I write a Thanksgiving blog every year that focuses on being thankful.  A couple days ago I went back and reread several of my past Thanksgiving blogs and was a bit shocked by what I found.  Other than the occasional typo, I found I had plenty of ammo to point me in the direction of thankfulness.  … Continue reading

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Tax Extenders: To Be or Not To Be?

Tweet With congress returning to work this week, there are a few items that are still up in the air for tax year 2014.  The most pressing issue (at least in relationship to taxes) is the topic of tax extenders. These extenders expired Dec 31, 2013 and unless legislation is put in place this expiration could be costly for many taxpayers. The … Continue reading

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Five Year End Moves for 2014

Tweet Wow, it seems like we were just completing our taxes, and yet here we are staring at the end of the year. With only a couple months left in this calendar year, there are a few things we should all look to accomplish to make sure we are maximizing our financial growth. Here are five items that are time sensitive and … Continue reading

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Five Tips to Solve the Open Enrollment Puzzle

Tweet As we approach Halloween, the weather cools and we look forward to the holidays.  We also begin to see the end of 2014 approaching.  Many companies at this time of the year hold open enrollment for their benefit plans. Often, folks simply take a cursory glance and then check the same boxes as the previous year. This approach can possibly leave … Continue reading

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Investing vs Trading

Tweet In today’s fast paced, media driven, advertising laden world we are bombarded with new ideas.  Take this new drug and you’ll feel better (just don’t forget the side effects could kill you!).  It’s hard to disseminate reality from what we are “told” to believe, feel, or think from the advertising mecca of today’s media. I occasionally will receive a flyer in … Continue reading

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Fear and Greed

Tweet There are two emotions that can derail an investment plan faster than a Nolan Ryan fastball: fear and greed. Fear and greed tend to push investors in the wrong direction at the wrong time.  Let’s take a look at these two emotions and how they can impact your portfolio. Fear Fear is a great motivator, and it’s easy to find common … Continue reading

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TN Sales Tax Holiday 2014

Tweet It’s that time of year again. It’s back to school time, which means it is time to buy school supplies.  Thankfully, our fine State of TN has a sales tax holiday to help us all save a few bucks. This year’s Sales Tax Holiday begins Friday, Aug 1st at 12:01am and ends at 11:59 on Sunday, Aug 3rd. For those of … Continue reading

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