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Five Tips to Solve the Open Enrollment Puzzle

Tweet As we approach Halloween, the weather cools and we look forward to the holidays.  We also begin to see the end of 2014 approaching.  Many companies at this time of the year hold open enrollment for their benefit plans. Often, folks simply take a cursory glance and then check the same boxes as the previous year. This approach can possibly leave … Continue reading

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Don’t Risk a lot for a Little (Why we have Insurance)

Tweet Why do we have (or should have) insurance?  There are many answers to this question, but, unfortunately, not everyone answers the question correctly. Some folks might say I have insurance because the state requires certain limits for my auto policy. Some folks might say I have insurance so that my spouse can live like a king or queen if I die, … Continue reading

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They are Back

Tweet Have you wondered where your social security statements have gone?  A few years ago the Social Security Administration (SSA) stopped sending yearly statements out to most folks. Recently, SSA introduced a new tool on its website to view your social security statements. As a fee-only financial advisor I often discuss Social Security benefits with clients. It’s important to understand your statement … Continue reading

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Behavioral Finance 101

Tweet Behavioral finance sounds like a laborious upper level college course required for financial geeks, like myself. But, behavioral finance (at least my definition) is actually one of the top driving forces behind the successes or failures in our personal financial lives. Investopedia’s definition of behavioral finance: a field of finance that proposes psychology-based theories to explain stock market anomalies. My definition … Continue reading

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What is the best financial decision you can make?

Tweet The best financial decision you may make in your lifetime may not benefit you, but it will directly benefit those you care about. Having life insurance can assure the protection of your family in the case of a premature death. I was recently speaking with a friend of mine who shared a sad story. My friend’s good friend suffered a fatal … Continue reading

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What to do when Faced with Storm Damage

Tweet It’s that time of year. Spring storms have been barreling across the country leaving in its wake death and destruction. Here in Middle TN we have been hit over the last couple weeks several times, and the damage to trees and property is impressive. If you find yourself dealing with storm damage, do you know what to do? Where do you … Continue reading

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Ever Been Caught in the Rain?

Tweet We’ve all been caught out in the rain, and as an avid golfer, I can honestly say I have played golf in weather bad enough to make passersby shoot me strange looks from inside their dry cars. While an all-weather suit is a plus, a good umbrella is a must to stay dry. Just as an umbrella is a necessity in … Continue reading

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Auto Gap Insurance: Why you may need it!

Tweet It seems that almost every other TV commercial during the holidays has a gesticulating car salesman telling why you need a new car. Of course, these dealers are trying to move stock by year end. “Hurry before the best deals of the year end,” is an often stated selling point. If you find yourself driving a new car, you may need … Continue reading

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What is a Diminished Value Claim?

Tweet Recently, my wife was involved in a little fender bender in a parking lot. She was hit by a young driver who just wasn’t paying attention. The damage was not dramatic and no one was hurt. After gathering all the vital information and contacting our insurance company on the spot, both parties went on with their day. With almost everything financially … Continue reading

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