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Seven Tips for Uncertainty!

Tweet Okay, Now What? After a couple of tough weeks for the market, the level of fear seems to be at a pinnacle. While fear is not always a bad thing, when it comes to investment decisions, fear is not a factor we want creeping into to our thought process. Many people have said that fear and greed drive the market.  We … Continue reading

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The Five Fundamentals of Financial Success!

Tweet The Five Fundamentals of Financial Success is always a great starting point when it comes to financial planning. Matter of fact, every new client I meet with, wealthy or not, gets to hear my commentary on these five gems. Even though these financial nuggets seem simple, the effectiveness is real. 1. Save at least 10% of your income Saving 10% of … Continue reading

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Who Should Hire a Financial Advisor and Why?

Tweet Financial planning has changed dramatically over the last 30 years. Financial planners, money managers, and brokers where once only reserved for the wealthy.  Today this is no longer true.  Services are now available to virtually all economic levels of clients.  So, who should hire a financial advisor? First things first: there are several types of advisors out there, and in my … Continue reading

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Financial Freedom and you!

Tweet I had a wonderful call from a client earlier today. It was one of those calls that makes me realize how blessed I am to do what I do. My client stated that her car recently broke down. I told her I was sorry to hear the news, but she immediately turned the seemingly bad news into joy. She began to … Continue reading

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Tax Diversification and the ROTH Conversion Debate!

Tweet If the downturn of 2000-2002 didn’t teach us about portfolio diversification, 2008-2009 certainly did. Simply put, diversification spreads risk. Most people understand the importance of portfolio diversification, but tax diversification is still a mystery to most. Essentially, the theory is to maximize tax reduction strategies and reduce taxation. My clients hear me talk about this rather frequently. One particular area where … Continue reading

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Does Your Retirement Plan Answer These Three Questions?

Tweet It seems that with the market downturn in 2008-2009, there has been concern over folks ability to retire. One of the probing questions I receive from new clients is “When can I retire?” Sounds like a simple question, and for the most part (at least on my end) it is. The difficulty usually stems from a lack of preparation by the … Continue reading

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Why a Roth Conversion may not be Right for You!

Tweet The Roth conversion topic has certainly dominated headlines, articles, and blog posts in 2010, but part of the story may be missing. A Roth conversion may not be the wisest financial move for some. Most of the reports regarding this conversion have touted the benefits, and little has been written about the negative affects to a Roth conversion. Roth Conversion and … Continue reading

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