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Giving Support While Saving Tax Dollars

Tweet We have all watched over the last few weeks the horrific images coming from Haiti. It’s hard to imagine how difficult that would be here at home, but imagine how hard it must be in a country that struggles with the simple tasks we take for granted. They obviously could use our help. The IRS has given us a little incentive … Continue reading

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Three Ways to Reduce Your 2009 Tax Bill in 2010.

Tweet It’s that time of year again! Tax documents are arriving by mail and the race towards April 15th is on. What many folks don’t fully understand is the fact that while 2009 is over and gone, there are still things we can do to reduce our tax liability for last year. Here’s a list of a few things you can do … Continue reading

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Start 2010 on the Right Foot!

Tweet It’s hard to believe that it’s 2010. Has it really been ten years since the Y2K scare? While the world has changed over the last ten years, there are financial planning strategies that can help position ourselves for success. If you’re looking for a few things to implement as we turn the corner into another decade, read on!Here are three things … Continue reading

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