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Are You Asking the Right Financial Questions to Develop Wealth?

Tweet Recently, a prospective client walked into my office concerned about his portfolio and was seeking investment advice. The interesting fact was the investment question was not the right question. Investments were not the issue, and this is not uncommon. While investments are the easy target for financial blame or success for that matter, investments are usually not the catalyst to wealth. … Continue reading

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Why Vision Matters!

Tweet Many of us business owners have spent time in thought contemplating business goals, but, while goal setting is certainly an important part of a successful business venture, vision is the glue needed to adhere our goals to the values in our lives. Goals are mile stones, and vision is the guiding purpose of our goals. A business without goals may be … Continue reading


Tax Diversification and the ROTH Conversion Debate!

Tweet If the downturn of 2000-2002 didn’t teach us about portfolio diversification, 2008-2009 certainly did. Simply put, diversification spreads risk. Most people understand the importance of portfolio diversification, but tax diversification is still a mystery to most. Essentially, the theory is to maximize tax reduction strategies and reduce taxation. My clients hear me talk about this rather frequently. One particular area where … Continue reading

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Rome was not Built in a Day!

Tweet One of the stereotypical American traits is impatience. I want it, and I want it now! Sound familiar? This can be damaging from a financial standpoint…..not only from a spending perspective, but also from a planning perspective. Financial planning is a process, or at least it should be. Some planning firms (mostly sales driven firms) operate as if the financial planning … Continue reading

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When Buying or Refinancing a Home You Should…

Tweet Make sure you understand the fine print! It’s a great time to buy or refinance a home. Interest rates are extremely low (recent 30 year fixed rates are as low as 4%!). While this great interest rate opportunity creates a terrific chance to lower your monthly payment, it also can create confusion. The confusion lies in understanding the good faith estimate … Continue reading

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