What is a Diminished Value Claim?

Recently, my wife was involved in a little fender bender in a parking lot. She was hit by a young driver who just wasn’t paying attention. The damage was not dramatic and no one was hurt. After gathering all the vital information and contacting our insurance company on the spot, both parties went on with their day.

With almost everything financially related, I strive to seek a nugget of education, and this insurance claim process was no different. The at-fault driver had coverage, and the insurance company was quick into action to set us up with a repair plan and a rental car. Within a little more than a week, we where made whole…..or as they say in the insurance industry: indemnified. But wait, were we really back to where we started? What about the true value or our automobile?

In today’s world of information sharing, insurance companies realize the picture is a bit broader. Even though our automobile was repaired to pre-accident standards, the true value of this asset had diminished. This can now be seen in a Carfax report that will show our car was involved in an accident. If a buyer is deciding between two similar vehicles with the exact same sales price, but one has a clean Carfax report and one shows involvement in an accident, the decision is clear. The buyer will always buy the vehicle with the clean Carfax report. Insurance companies now realize this and offer diminished value claims.

A diminished value claim is an effort to fully indemnify the claimant. In essence, cash is paid to the claimant to fill the gap between what the car was worth pre accident and post accident. Let’s go back to the example of the buyer looking at two similar cars. If the buyer decided the accident was minor and the damage was repaired properly, the buyer may make an offer commiserate to the diminished value…..say $500 less than the car with clean Carfax report. If the owner of the car received $500 from the insurance company as a diminished value claim, the owner was made whole.

The key to a diminished value claim is it must be requested. While the at-fault driver’s insurance was really great to work with, they didn’t offer this without my asking. On another note, the diminished value claim is a negotiable amount. I did not accept their initial offer and asked for what I felt was fair. They agreed.

If you find yourself in an auto accident, remember the true value of your auto may decline more than you realize due to access to information via Carfax reports. Speak to the insurance company about the claim, be patient and courteous, and don’t forget to request a diminished value claim.

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