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Portfolio Risk and You!

Tweet Most people understand the general concept of risk in relationship to investments, but many people get the true picture of risk wrong when it comes to investing. Specifically, how much risk should be taken inside a portfolio.  Risk and Returns The higher the risk inside a portfolio the greater the possibility of increased returns.  The oppositional side of the prior statement … Continue reading

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Who Should Hire a Financial Advisor and Why?

Tweet Financial planning has changed dramatically over the last 30 years. Financial planners, money managers, and brokers where once only reserved for the wealthy.  Today this is no longer true.  Services are now available to virtually all economic levels of clients.  So, who should hire a financial advisor? First things first: there are several types of advisors out there, and in my … Continue reading

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Financial Freedom and you!

Tweet I had a wonderful call from a client earlier today. It was one of those calls that makes me realize how blessed I am to do what I do. My client stated that her car recently broke down. I told her I was sorry to hear the news, but she immediately turned the seemingly bad news into joy. She began to … Continue reading

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