Financial Freedom and you!

I had a wonderful call from a client earlier today. It was one of those calls that makes me realize how blessed I am to do what I do. My client stated that her car recently broke down. I told her I was sorry to hear the news, but she immediately turned the seemingly bad news into joy. She began to express her joy in the fact that she was able to cover the cost of the repairs without worry. She was excited by the fact she could pay cash for the repairs and not need to finance the charges with a credit card, as she had to do in the past.

My client felt financially free!  While she may not be able to buy a vineyard in Southern California, she is certainly excited about her financial freedom. 

Financial Freedom means something different to us all. For some, it’s the ability to not worry about working the 9-5 grind, and for others it means living a lifestyle that is free from debt or binding financial restrictions.  One of the benefits of being a holistic financial advisor is that I have the honor of helping clients reach different levels of financial freedom.

Reaching financial freedom

1. Focus on what’s important

While it’s fun, and important, to dream, determining what really matters in your life is a key step to reaching financial freedom. Most of the goal setting meetings I have held with my clients didn’t reveal their desires to live extravagant lifestyles….it revealed their desire to live a lifestyle connected to their “it” or what’s important in their life.

2. Determine your “it”

Focusing financial resources on your “It” is a wonderful way to create an exciting return on investment. Money spent making memories will almost always outperform the stock market.

3. Don’t get caught in the media frenzy

If you listen to what the financial media tells you, you may fall prey to society’s desires and not yours. This is especially true if your vision is simplistic (ie. Spend as much time as possible with my children), so it’s very easy to become misguided.

Sounds simple, right? Focus your resources to areas in life that are important to you and you will be much closer to financial freedom.  Maybe, you are already there? While I realize that life is complicated and full of surprises, sometimes we create our own complexities and end up missing the precious present moments of life. If we start by determining what’s important to us, we can focus our energies in that direction and life seems to improve….getting us closer to financial freedom.

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