Deals, Rewards, and Steals

With our economic environment in question, we need to take advantage of every possible opportunity to save a dollar along the way. More and more companies are offering “deals” to reward loyalty and capture new customers. Some of the offers are coming from places you may not expect, so I thought I would share with you some of my recent finds.

I recently traveled out West to Seattle. While searching for a hotel, I stumbled across a deal that I couldn’t refuse. This well-known, national hotel was offering a rate ($150 a night) that included parking and valet services (a $20 a day value). The kicker was I would receive a $50 gas card for every night I participated in this package.

More and more banks are getting into the act of offering deals to new customers. I recently heard of Bank Direct out of Texas, which is currently running an airline miles promotion for customers holding a miles checking account. The basics of the deal are the bank will offer 100 American Airline miles for every $1000 deposited up to $200,000. So, a $200,000 deposit may reap 20,000 American Airline miles a year… the account bears interest….albeit small.

I also have noticed banks who are offering deals for transferring assets into their institution. I have seen these deals range from $50-$200 for opening a new account. So, if you aren’t happy with your current bank, it might be worth it to take a look around…..just don’t forget to read the fine print.

We are all well aware of how many different credit card deals are available. Some cards come with airline mileage redemptions. Some come with golf rewards, and some come with a cash redemption strategy. The list is extensive. The key is to find the reward program that fits your needs. For example, there’s no reason to sign up for an airline reward credit card if the airline doesn’t offer many routes out of your local airport or simply is an airline you don’t frequent.

My favorite recent discovery was with a grocery chain. This large store is a well-known brand that just built a new store not far from my home. As a rewards member, we immediately started received coupons for $20 off $50 worth of groceries. While we still receive the coupons, the deal has changed. We now receive coupons for $10 off $40. These coupons are sent in two week cycles, so we would essentially have a coupon to use every week. It gets better: the store recently offered a combination deal that was a home run. If we would spend $50 a week in three out of the four participating weeks, we would receive a $50 gas card. We took our $10 coupon to the store and spent the required amount for the three weeks and received a $50 gas card. We saved $30 from the coupons and received a $50 gas card. What a deal!

The trend of rewarding customers seems to be growing. My wife tells me some of her favorite shops send her birthday deals of 15-25% off. I assure you, she uses them!

Another growing trend is in the world of online coupons, such as Groupon, Living Social, and the like. The deals can be great ways to save money. Just be sure to use the coupon, or you end up wasting money.

These ideas are simply that…..just ideas. I don’t offer any individual endorsements and must remind you to read the fine print of any deal in which you take part. This is extremely important! Sometimes there may be an offer that seems too good to be true, which may lead you to a scam. So, again I caution you to read the fine print. The world is your oyster, so go forth in search of your own deals, rewards, and steals!

Have you stumbled across any recent deals that where home runs? If so, I would love to hear some of your recent finds.

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