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Being Thankful 2013

Tweet Have you noticed a shift in our culture?  Doesn’t it seem we are developing a culture of conflict and debate? Maybe every generation can say the same, but it feels as if we are spending more and more time arguing and debating than working together towards a common goal. Turn on a news network and you’ll hear one person verbally bashing … Continue reading

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Six Surefire Shortcuts to Financial Failure

Tweet We frequently hear about tips and strategies to become financially successful, but the other half of the picture (failure) often gets too little press.  So, let’s spend some time reviewing the road to financial failure. If we want to be financial failures, what can we do? 1. Do nothing One of my favorite quotes is, “the road to failure is the … Continue reading

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The S Corporation and TN Taxation

Tweet This blog post will not touch most of you, but, for those of you it does touch, it will be very important.  As a fee-only advisor, I work with many different types of business owners, and today’s post is meant for those who own S Corporations. More and more small business owners are establishing their businesses as S Corporations.  This business … Continue reading

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