New Name….Same Great Organization!

As most of you know, I have been a proud member of The Alliance of Cambridge Advisors (ACA) for almost ten years.  ACA is a fee-only financial planning organization like no other.  This organization consists of like-minded advisors who focus on holistic (comprehensive) financial planning.  Most advisors do it “all” for their clients…..from taxes to investments and most things in between.

With the introduction of The Affordable Care Act (ACA), The Alliance of Cambridge Advisors noticed a bit of acronym confusion with the general public.  Some folks also referred to The Alliance of Cambridge Advisors simply as Cambridge.  This also created confusion, as there are several financial firms also named Cambridge….many operate on the commissioned side of the industry, which we don’t want to be confused with.

With all the confusion, The Alliance of Cambridge Advisors decided it was time for a name change. After several months of research, committee meetings, focus groups, and board meetings, ACA has officially changed its name to The Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (ACP). The new name perfectly reflects who we are: an alliance of comprehensive planners.

As you can imagine, many of you will hear me occasional fall into habit and refer back to ACA, but before long ACP will be ingrained into our lexicon.  Beyond the name change ACP continues to grow, and we, as an organization, will continue to champion the fee-only financial planning platform.  I look forward to continuing my membership with ACP!

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