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Your Last Wishes

Tweet In a recent meeting with a client, we were deep in conversation about estate planning.  The client mentioned she had a few final wishes she wanted to be carried out.  She asked if these wishes needed to be written into one of her legal documents.  While I am not an attorney, I was able to lend her some simple advice. Most … Continue reading

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Don’t Risk a lot for a Little (Why we have Insurance)

Tweet Why do we have (or should have) insurance?  There are many answers to this question, but, unfortunately, not everyone answers the question correctly. Some folks might say I have insurance because the state requires certain limits for my auto policy. Some folks might say I have insurance so that my spouse can live like a king or queen if I die, … Continue reading

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Are you on Track?

Tweet I recently posted an article regarding the importance of correctly measuring your financial growth by using net worth as the measuring stick.  The purpose of the article was to outline the difference in investment growth and net worth growth.  You can revisit the article by clicking here. Now that we know how to measure growth and the importance of understanding net … Continue reading

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A Financial Resolution!

Tweet With the start of the New Year, many people set out their New Year’s resolutions. Financial planning resolutions should not be forgotten. Financial planning is a broad process of decisions that collectively lead to forward financial progress. Or at least that’s the way it should be. Often I find that the forest is missed because of the trees. The small details … Continue reading

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