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What Most Advisors Will Not Tell You

Tweet Perception is not always reality.  This is certainly true when it comes to financial planning. Many people feel that advisors are here to pull the reigns when spending gets out of control.  Well, that is true in some cases (maybe all cases for some advisors), but for my practice it seems that guiding my clients to enjoy their money is more … Continue reading

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Make Your Contributions Count

Tweet As a financial advisor who prepares taxes, I see various degrees of substantiation when it comes to non-cash charitable donations (i.e. Goodwill). Everything from handwritten receipts (which don’t work) to detailed records show up in my office.  The difference between the two can affect your taxable bottom line. Remember, the better the substantiation, the easier it is to properly value your … Continue reading

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Are You Making This Mistake?

Tweet Technology is a wonderful thing…..when it works. We live in a highly technical society. We communicate differently than we did 10, 20, and 30 years ago. Skype, text, and social media seem to be the methods of choice for today’s tech savvy folks. My kids may never understand the sound of accomplishment that comes from moving the carriage on a typewriter … Continue reading

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1099s Oh Joy!

Tweet Happy Happy Joy Joy….Happy Happy Joy Joy! Stick a hot poker in my eye, and you’ll understand my feelings about the reporting requirements for small business owners and the 1099. While I understand the concept and reasons for this reporting requirement, it’s simply a pain. Ok, I’ll get of my soapbox, stop complaining, and deliver the lowdown. If you are a … Continue reading

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Hello 2012

Tweet Happy New Year! I can hardly believe it’s 2012. As a child, the thought of the year 2012 would conjure up futuristic visions of space-age technology. To some degree, today that technology is a reality. What will tomorrow bring? Imagine what the next ten years will bring? What will 2022 look like for you financially? Are you doing the right things … Continue reading

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Being Thankful

Tweet Happy Thanksgiving! This is always one of my favorite weeks of the year. I really enjoy the relaxed time with my family, and, of course, the over-indulgent feasting….even our kids love our Thanksgiving meal. You might ask what this has to do with financial planning. Well, I might suggest you turn the question around…..what does financial planning have to do with … Continue reading

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How to Build Your Business for Financial Success

Tweet Are you a business owner? Are you self employed? Is your business set up for financial success? As a fee-only advisor, I frequently speak with business owners and individuals who are self-employed or contractors. Unfortunately, I have seen many mistakes that have negatively impacted the success of the small business owner. For instance, improper ownership titling, improper business entity selection, improper … Continue reading

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Alert: Be Careful of this Investment Strategy

Tweet The stock market has certainly had a bumpy ride over the last few years.  The instability of the market has created a large number of questions for the individual investor. One question that I have been asked by many involves stock dividends. The question goes something like this: If money market and CD rates are paying laughable returns, why not invest … Continue reading

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What is the best financial decision you can make?

Tweet The best financial decision you may make in your lifetime may not benefit you, but it will directly benefit those you care about. Having life insurance can assure the protection of your family in the case of a premature death. I was recently speaking with a friend of mine who shared a sad story. My friend’s good friend suffered a fatal … Continue reading

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Have you done this lately?

Tweet Have you documented your household contents lately? How about ever?  Most people don’t take the time to memorialize the contents inside their home. You may ask why this is needed.  The answer can be easily relayed by a recent personal experience. My office, which is in my home, was partially flooded by a faulty connection hose. Of course this occurred while … Continue reading

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