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Ten Things Financial Planning Should Be!

Tweet I recently wrote about some of the misconceptions surrounding financial planning. I discussed what financial planning is not. After clearing the air about financial planning misconceptions, let’s discuss what financial planning should be. Here’s a list of ten things (in no order of importance) that are indicative to good financial planning. Financial planning should be: 1. Comprehensive/holistic I often tell clients … Continue reading

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Four Things Financial Planning is Not!

Tweet What is financial planning? It’s interesting to hear what people think financial planning is all about.  Many times the perception is wrong, and sometimes we have to hear what something is not to get a better understanding of what it truly is. Here are four things that financial planning is not: 1. Financial planning is not a panacea to solve poor … Continue reading

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Why Filing On-Time Matters!

Tweet It’s mid-March and tax season is in full force.  Many people are struggling to gather data to give to their preparer to successfully complete their tax return.  For other people, taxes end up as a second thought this time of year.  These are the folks that push their returns out to the edge and file as late as possible…often extending their … Continue reading

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Three Steps to a Solid Financial Decision.

Tweet I recently had a client call and ask my opinion about an extended warranty offer for his car.  This was an interesting conversation which I thought may be helpful to share with others. Not so much in the sense of the viability of extended warranties for cars, but more so from the standpoint of learning how to make a well informed … Continue reading

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