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Being Thankful

Tweet Happy Thanksgiving! This is always one of my favorite weeks of the year. I really enjoy the relaxed time with my family, and, of course, the over-indulgent feasting….even our kids love our Thanksgiving meal. You might ask what this has to do with financial planning. Well, I might suggest you turn the question around…..what does financial planning have to do with … Continue reading

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How to Build Your Business for Financial Success

Tweet Are you a business owner? Are you self employed? Is your business set up for financial success? As a fee-only advisor, I frequently speak with business owners and individuals who are self-employed or contractors. Unfortunately, I have seen many mistakes that have negatively impacted the success of the small business owner. For instance, improper ownership titling, improper business entity selection, improper … Continue reading

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Alert: Be Careful of this Investment Strategy

Tweet The stock market has certainly had a bumpy ride over the last few years.  The instability of the market has created a large number of questions for the individual investor. One question that I have been asked by many involves stock dividends. The question goes something like this: If money market and CD rates are paying laughable returns, why not invest … Continue reading

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